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    Oracle + Excel

    Juracy Americo

      Hi everybody,

      I have a problem and I'm very stuck right now, so I'm asking for help.


      1. I have data from a oracle data connection with the following fields, filtered from period 1 until period 12 sales of 2012.
        1. Year_period
        2. KPI
      2. A second data from a excel file with same fields with forecast values, filtered from period 12 of 2012 until period 3 of 2013
        1. Year_period
        2. KPI


      I want to be able to show the a bar chart ( like the attached image), but I not able to do with 2 different connection (Oracle and Excel).

      Does anyone have any tips?


      The chart bellow was archived by take all the data from oracle to a excel file , but I don't want to do this step if is possible.

      It will be easier just to have the oracle connection and blend that excel file with forecast.