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    issue showing selected filter value (All) in report title

    Donna Coles

      I have a report with a "Company" filter and users can either see the data for all companies (filter option (All)) or Company 1 or Company 2.  Based on the selection of the filter I want to expose the value of that selection in the prominent report title eg "Company 1 Report" if Company 1 is selected.  I have managed to do this using a calculated field as when (All) is selected I want the title to show 'Group Report' rather than 'All Report'. 


      I'm trying to apply logic in my calculated field along the lines of IF <filter field> = "All" THEN"Group" ELSE <filter field>, but I can't get the word "Group" to display.


      What is the value stored behind the 'display' value of (All) that I need to compare against?  I've tried "All", "(All)", "", null.


      Many thanks in advance

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