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    Bar Chart Axis

    Dhaval Thakkar

      How can I change the range of the axis without changing the scaling of the bar graph? I have tried options under EDIT AXIS, but the option called 'Fixed' changes the sacaling of the graph. I just want to limit the graph to 40 % (Y-Axis is in percentage) instead of full 100%.

      This is the original Chart:


      This is the Chart with Y-axis chaged to 40%


      By doing so the chart is scaled by 0.4 times.


      I want the output like this:


      So the scaling remains as the first chart but, the values displayed on Y-Axis terminate at 40%.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Dhaval,


          This seems odd, and I have not been able to recreate it using sample data. Would you be able to post the packaged workbook (twbx file)?



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            Dhaval Thakkar

            Thanks Trcy.


            I was able to figure this out.

            I was using a dual axis and so fixing the axis was giving an odd output.

            On removing the other axis and fixing the percentage axis to 40%, I was able to get the required visual output.


            Thanks again for your time.



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              Nayana Wagle

              Hi folks,

              I have a generic question on this issue. I have different charts with percentage values that could potentially range from 0% to 100%. So my scale needs to be able to cover the entire 0-100%; I can't fix the scale.


              However, many times, the values are 90% or above. When I make the scale "automatic", the axis ranges from 0 to 100% and all the values bunch up at the top.


              Is there a way to make the axis "dynamically" zero in on the range where the values are? For example, if they are all in 90% above range, can I indicate to Tableau to make the scale 90 - 100%; but if there is some value say at 40%, then I want Tableau to scale from around 35 to 100%.


              So I don't want the scale to be either generally "fixed" or "automatic" - but more a decision based on the data points.



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                Libitha Thinakaran

                Hi All,


                Even i am facing the issue of dynamically changing the axis of bar chart as per the data. Like if most of the values are in the range of 80-100, the axis should also change accordingly instead of starting from 0 to 100. Can anyone suggest some solution for this.



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                  Ian Devonald

                  Hi Libitha

                  There is a check box to 'Include Zero' when choosing Automatic Axis.  If you uncheck it as per examples on attached workbook then this should scale your axis.  To Edit Axis right click the axis and choose Edit Axis...

                  Hope this helps.



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                    Libitha Thinakaran

                    Thanks much Ian! It is helpful