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    Filter on Workbooks not data within it

    Inez Ornelas

      I have four workbooks within a dashboard.  Each workbook has data about one ACTIVE representative.  If one of the representatives is not active, then I don't want that workbook to display.  Is it possible to do that?

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          Catherine Rivier

          This should just work with a standard filter.  Basically if the filter returns no records, then that sheet will be blank and it won't display (apart from the title, which you can remove).


          I assume you already have a calculated field that is something like [Active], which is true if Active, false if not (or something like that)?  Just put that field as a filter, and set to only be True.  When you select your overall representative, if they aren't active, there will be no data.


          Hope this works - if not, if you can post a sample workbook it can often make these much easier to fix!

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            Alex Kerin

            I think Inez may want the container to shrink/disappear. There is a way to do this but I can't find the post.

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              Inez Ornelas

              Alex is correct.  I want the area where the workbook would be to disappear as if nothing was ever there.

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                Catherine Rivier

                Yes, that's what my solution should solve.  It should work with a common filter, as long as when you select the filter, all data in that view disappears.  All other views should be set to fit the full window, and they will take up the space left behind by that view.  And if you remove the title bar, the entire view will disappear.


                For example, the workbook here (though this used a more complex situation, not based on a filter but based on a click): http://community.tableau.com/thread/121515


                Inez (or Alex), did you try my solution and found it didn't work?  If you post a sample workbook, I can show you how if it didn't.


                Message was edited by: Catherine Rivier Adding a sample workbook with very simple data (Representative, Active, and Sales).  Each view is of a separate Representative, and Rep #4 is "Not Active".  I'm using a simple Global Filter, though a parameter could do the trick if the filter needs to be more complex.  I have hidden all titles, and you get the experience of the sheet "disappearing" if the representative is not active, which you can see if you play with the filters. To control which view "fills in" the disappeared sheet, this is done with the layout containers - the remaining views will fill in the empty space left by the other view in that empty sheet.

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                  Inez Ornelas

                  Catherine,  I will try and let you know.  If I don't get what I am expecting I will post a sample workbook.  Thanks.

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                    Alex Kerin

                    Catherine - didn't find your solution. Great job.

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                      Inez Ornelas

                      Hi Catherine,


                      I have attached a sample of what I am working on. I saw the workpackage you provided but I can't use that type of filter within the dashboard.  What I have is a View and is created from the data and assigns the Representative a value from 1 - ?? (the number of representatives).  This is what I did, for worksheet 1, I filtered if PPMREP = 1 and so on for each additional worksheet.  I removed all but three of the representatives so there is no PPMREP that = 4.  Within the dashboard, the worksheet is blank but the title is still there.  Is there a way to add a formula that if worksheet #4 is null then disable title. 


                      If you know of an easier way of doing this, please let me know.  The requestor wants to be able to view data about each representative within their own worksheet.


                      If you have any additional questions, please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your help. 



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                        Catherine Rivier

                        Alex: thanks, it's one of my favorites


                        Inez:  Thanks for posting!  This data should work really well for how I would do this.  The key trick is here, if a visualization has no data (like your sheet "PPM Representative 4") you can get it to disappear on a dashboard. But it looks like I did leave off 2 key details:

                        First, the other sheets will fill in space only within their layout container

                        Second, you might need a little adjustment to the Fit setting of each sheet, or add some blank pages, to get the fill to act like you need.


                        So in the attached workbook, I've set it up in 2 steps, which might help.  Before starting, I assumed your field "Active" is the one you want to be attached - if that representative is Active, their view will show up.  (If not, any field will work with this.)  I set this up as a Global Filter, so it will apply to all data.


                        1. Step1:  I set up 2 Vertical Layout Containers.  For ease of seeing how this works, I made one of these bordered in red, the other in blue.
                        2. Step2:  I brought in sheets 1 and 2 into the red container (this is where the borders are valuable in working with layout containers), and sheets 3 and 4 into the blue.

                             I also took this time to do a few formatting things.  I made sure the Global Filter of Action was now showing on the left, and in the drop-down box for each sheet, I chose Fit: Fit Width.  If you had a graph, you'd actually want this to be Fit: Fit Entire View.  (This will help the non-blank graph fill in the entire rest of the view.)


                        So now you can see with the filters, that the unused sheets "disappear" when only the Active choice is made.  Tableau will fill in the layout container with the other option, depending on your fit.


                        And really now, it's a matter of options, of however you want your final dashboard to show up.  I put in a few there, for example, "Other Options - Spacing" shows how using a "Blank" object to fill in the space will help you control how the other worksheets fill in the space left by the empty one.  Also, the option "Other Options -FitEntireView" shows how it works if the fit is set to Fit Entire View - the non-empty chart will fill in all remaining space in the layout container, which is often ideal.  And my personal favorite, "Other Options -Hide Title":  If you hide the titles of all views, it will looks as if the non-active view completely disappears when you select only Actives.  I also have a sheet "FakeTitle2" that's used to duplicate the title bar you usually see, if you'd still like them to show up for the Active views.


                        Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense, I'm happy to go over or look at more options.  But does this about what you were looking for?