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    Categorising trasnactions

    Kirill Andriychuk

      If I have a simple data set with transaction id, country, customer, revenue and cost and I would like to filter the data for country USA, group my customers into profitable and unprofitable ones and show sum of revenue and cost. Is there a way to it in Tableau?


      I have been working with it for some time and the challenge is that I want to show data not by customer but for a country by customer grouping that is based on each customers sum of revenue and cost over the period show in the window. If a user is looking at the current year by month, we take total of the current year's revenue and cost for each customer, figure out profitability, group each customer into profitable or unprofitable and show these groupings with revenue, cost month by month.

      Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 16.38.15.png