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    Switch Worksheets?

    Chris Tsui

      Hi There,


      I am curious if there is a method to rotate the worksheets on a dashboard dynamically to make use of particular real estate.


      Using Super data, I've created two maps (one for City and one for Region)  I also created a quick table showing order QTY by region and date.


      I then created a dashboard which has the table taking up the bottom horizontal half and the two maps splitting the top horizontal half.

      (Workbook attached)


      What I'm wondering is, is it possible to use something like a action, filter, parameter etc.?  where I can rotate the worksheets so the city or Region map takes up the larger bottom horizontal real estate. and the other two take up the top two halves? 


      I want to give my users an opportunity to select one of the worksheets and give it more "room" to navigate (especially for map data)


      Is this something that's possible?

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          Catherine Rivier

          Hi Chris,

          This was a really interesting question!  I took a stab at this - see the attached workbook, Dashboard4.  The Map Selection window in the top left is now fitted by actions to the maps.  Under Map Selection, if you select Sheet1, it should only display the big map on Sheet1.  Sheet 2 will only display the big map as Sheet2.


          Here's what I did:


          1. I created 2 variables in the main data source, "SheetSelect1" (which is just "Sheet1" for all records) and "SheetSelect2" (which is just "Sheet2" for all records)
          2. I then created a new data source, which was just a text file with a list of sheet names.  Then I created a simple view that just listed those sheet names, to be used as the action filter.
          3. I then created the dashboard.  Here's a key part:  maps don't have a Fit selection it seems, but they will fill the space by default.  But I've found they only do this in a Vertical Layout Container for some reason.  So I put in a vertical layout container, and put in both maps (the primary maps, Sheet1 and Sheet2).  Then I just put the other sheets in a different layout container so they'd show.
          4. Then I created 2 Actions.  First had Source Sheet of Map Selection, Target Sheet of Sheet1, run action on Select, clearing the selection will Show All Values.  And most importantly, the Target Filter, use Selected Fields, and Source Field was SheetSelect, Target Field was SheetSelect1. The second action was exactly the same, but using Sheet2, and a Target Field of SheetSelect2.
          5. I created duplicate versions of both maps, so you can have more of a thumbnail version of the maps in your final dashboard.  Right now these aren't affected by any actions or filters - but they could be using the same methodology as in step #4 (which would give you the "rotation" concept you mention in your question, given some tinkering with layout).


          This general concept should allow you to do something pretty similar to what you're talking about, with hiding sheets and the like.  Though as I said, for some reason maps don't seem to autofit empty space horizontally, just vertically.


          By the way, I took a start with this by using this type of action/filter premise that's detailed here:



          Hope this helps!

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            Chris Tsui

            Wow Catherine, 


            Never thought to do it this way!  From the initial once over it looks Great!  Works been a tad hectic but am going to give this a good looking through when I have a few cycles.


            Never thought to do it this way...... brilliant!

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              Catherine Rivier

              Glad I could help


              By the way, I was playing around with this a little more yesterday, and I think it'll be much faster and smoother if you use Parameters instead of Actions.  (I'm much more of a Parameter fan for dashboard filtering anyway - they're faster, they don't involve creating an additional data source, they're easier to manage, etc.)


              Same set up as above, just make a parameter with string values Sheet1 and Sheet2.  Then 2 new variables:

              "Sheet1"=[Parameter Name]

              "Sheet2"=[Parameter Name]


              Then put the one you want to use on that sheet's filter page, and select only True responses.  Faster, smoother, easier to maintain, and you can delete the "SheetSelect" variables!

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                Rosette Ly

                Hi Catherine,

                I am new to tableau. I just tired to following your method of using Parameter to switch between two Dashboards but did not quite get there.   I like to display a error message screen (created as dashboard) when the filter returns null , otherwise, display the results in main dashboard.


                Can you explain more details/steps on you archive effect of switching worksheets?