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    How do you create a point in time?

    Luis Lewis

      I'm relatively new to Tableau, but the data I work with is based on Fiscal Years. Why are my numbers constantly changing for a past Fiscal Year? They change on a day to day basis, yet we aren't dealing with that Fiscal Year anymore.  Is there a way to create a point in time for the end of that Fiscal Year so that I can get an accurate count? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

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          Mark Holtz

          Hello Luis,


          You might find this thread useful:


          It's a little tough to diagnose what exactly you're talking about from the description.  If you need more assistance, could you post a packaged workbook with the issue?

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            Luis Lewis

            Thanks for the response Mark! My problem is that my data needs to be tailored specifically per Fiscal Year, but it updates everyday. I'm currently in Fiscal Year 2012/2013, but when I need to prepare reports based off data for Fiscal Year 2011/2012 and say I view that data for FY 2011/2012 on 11/7/2012 my numbers may be one thing, but when I look at it again on 11/11/2012, the numbers may have gone up or down a bit. That can take it's toll on the original numbers after a few months and make more than a few headaches for me.


            How can I avoid this? An extract might be one thing, but that would have to be created the day following the end of the Fiscal Year and we're beyond that point. I thought maybe creating a point in time might be helpful and tried to create one in the parameters, but I don't believe that worked.

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              Mark Holtz

              I guess I don't understand why any data in your prior fiscal years would still be changing. Generally, a fiscal year defines a set date range and all transactions posted within that date range.  Once the date range has passed, the fiscal year data is set and does not typically change--at least in every situation I've ever encountered.


              e.g., If your fiscal year runs from 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2012, then the thread I referenced shows how to assign a dimension value to each record of 2011-2012FY.  Then, you can filter to a specific year. It should not matter when the data is pulled.  Any transactions from 6/5/2012 would always fall in that date range, and thus would always be grouped to that FY.


              Please post your packaged workbook, or at least an example with your exact problem if you need more assistance.