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    case statement with in and not in

    Ronak Patel

      in sql you can write case statement with [column] not in (1,2,3,4) or [column] in (1,2,3,4). does tableau support "in" and/or "not in" operators?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ronak,


          Tableau does not use the 'in' syntax that SQl uses. However, the same outcome can be accomplished. For example, if this is the data:


          John Smith5/6/20048
          Allan Babel5/6/20048
          Tina Crown5/6/20048
          John Smith5/7/20049
          Allan Babel5/7/20048
          Tina Crown5/7/200410
          John Smith5/8/20048
          Allan Babel5/8/20048
          Tina Crown5/8/20049


          and the SQL statement is the following:


          SELECT *

          FROM EmployeeHours

          WHERE Date IN ('5/6/2004', '5/7/2004')


          The same results would be returned in Tableau with a calculation similar to the following:


          if [Date]=#5/6/2004# or [Date]=#5/7/2004# then [Employee] else 'hide' end


          Then, the calculation can be placed on the filter shelf and the 'hide' option can be excluded.


          Hope this helps!