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    Default dashboard

    Julia Hennelly

      I am publishing a workbook with 5 dashboards to server.  I have a main dashboard called home.  When the user logs on I would like the home dashboard to be displayed with the other workbooks as tabs.  The user only has access to one project and within that project there is one workbook (although maybe more in the future).  Below is the display when they logon and below that the display I would like them to see.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Julia!


          Look, a new group! I had no idea this was out there.


          I suspect you've already gotten an answer to your question elsewhere, but I'll respond just in case.


          If you direct your users to "root" of Tableau Server, than the best you'll be able to do is use the "Set default start page for all users" feature to show them the results of a search for the dashboard in question - it won't actually display the dashboard, however - your users will need to click the item in our search results.


          What I'd suggest you try is giving people a "direct link" to your dashboard to click on. They'll still be prompted to login to Tableau Server, but after they do, your dashboard will immediately render. Use the following formula to do this:




          Hope this helps!