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    Presentation from Oct. 25 Atlanta UG meeting

    Ellie Fields

      Hi all, great to talk with you today. Here's my presentation with the links to the apps & the views that we talked about.

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          Michael Crawford



          I was at the Atlanta UG presentation on October 25.  That was a neat application.  I'm a new user to the software and the only one in my group at work that has it.  Therefore, I feel like I'm on my own.


          I know that if I could learn from people with more experience, I could become very valuable to my team at Assurant. For example, I need to build a CBA Template to use Enterprise Wide for Projects and the easy thing would be to use Excel, but I know I could make it better in Tableau.


          What would be your recommendation for me besides attending the UG meetings once a month? 



          Michael Crawford



          Senior Financial Analyst