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    How do I calculate patient volume per hour per unique date of service?

    Annalee Ruiz



      I'm trying to calculate the average patient volume per hour per unique date of service. I have about 501 lines documenting patient arrival and departure time, with many empty fields in the beginning due to difficulty in tracking patient departure. I'm having difficulty calculating the average patient volume per hour per UNIQUE date of service. For example, there were 32 patients that arrived at the clinic in the 12:00 to 12:59pm time block (Time In), but there are only 23 unique dates of service (DOS), since several patients arrived during that time block on some days. How do I display this as an average on a stacked bar chart in Tableau desktop? I would want the 12pm bar to read 1.39 (since 32 patients / 23 unique DOS =1.39). I've tried various methods, but I cannot seem to get the correct numbers to display. Do the blank fields have something to do with this? I'm attaching an example of the data. Any help or clarity that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.