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    November 2012 Toronto Tableau User Group Meeting

    .Michael Martin

      Hi TUG Members:


      Hi from the Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego - 30 degrees (Celsius!) and not a cloud in the sky!  There will be a UG meeting near the end of the month - main focus will be the upcoming Tableau 8 release - what's new, what changes, what stays the same.  All other suggestions for meeting content welcome!  Post back to this group page or email me at michael@informationarts.ca

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          Suzanne Salvatori

          Hi Michael,


          Hope you enjoyed the conference.


          Hearing about Tableau 8 will be great.  I've always been able to use the new functionality in each release.  Perhaps for the following meeting could focus on the various aspects of mapping.  Creating simple points on a map is straightforward enough, but I struggle with more advanced concepts such as creating polygons and bringing in Census data.


          I look forward to the next User Group meeting.