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    Error with Week Number on ODBC live connection

    Craig Willis

      I'm connected live to an ODBC data source and I seem to be getting a consistent error around 2 things.  I have encountered this error in multiple tables in the data source.


      1.)  Relative date filters, every time I try to use a relative date filter I get an ODBC escape convert error.  This happens regardless of which level of relative date filter I try to use (day/week/month).




      2.)  In an attempt to overcome this issue I attempted to use an IIF statement to to return true/false if the date part week numbers were the same.


      When I drop this calculated field into the filter shelf I get the following error


      ERROR: syntax error at or near "=";

      Error while executing the query


      Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'Added this week'. Displayed data may be incorrect.


      I can use a DATEDIFF('day') formula and just filter all values that are greater than 7, the problem is then I get a rolling 1 week number as opposed to THIS weeks data. 


      Do I have an inherent issue in my data source or am I approaching this problem in the wrong manner.


      Thank you