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    Change fiscal year start by parameter?

    Neil Berkowitz

      Because our research faculty are also faculty at another institution, which has a different fiscal year, I am sometimes asked for information similar to that on our dashes but matching their FY or the calendar year. Currently I make a packaged workbook from the published workbook, make the change to the FY start, and provide to the user. This is not ideal. Is there a way to use a parameter to reset the FY start? Other suggestions that would allow the enduser to set the FY start would also be welcome.

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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Neil,


          You could certainly accomplish this.

          Can you provide a workbook?


          In the meantime, you might find this thread helpful:



          Basically, the changes to this would be that

          • instead of hard-coding the start month integer (7) into the IF clause, you'd put a parameter (or calculated field based on a parameter)
          • and then instead of the THEN or the ELSE values that are hardcoded using 7/1 and 6/30, you could make a calculated field that gives the correct "m/d" text string


          Hope this helps!

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            Neil Berkowitz

            I may be missing something basic here. I was hoping there might be a way to set the field property itself from the parameter. I will take a look at your approach. Since our data sources are generally not very large my backup approach is to create a date field for each of the two additional FY start date option, set the FY start property for each, create a parameter and calculated field to hold the selected field.


            Thanks for the help.