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    Adding Multiple Dimensions To A Tooltip

    Jason Krantz

      I am trying to plot out where our sales reps are traveling in the coming week and have am having a bit of trouble properly displaying the info in the tooltip on the map.


      The attached workbook contains a sample data set that displays the movement by rep as I want to see it. I use the page shelf to show where each rep is going on a specific day. The one issue I am having is when a rep is going to visit a few customers in the same city I am losing the ability to easily break out what customers are being visited in each city and the reason for the visit.


      Using the attached file as an example, you can see on day 1 that “Rep D” is visiting 3 customers in Chicago, IL. I know that a "*" is appearing because I am using “Customer” as an attribute, but I am not sure how to modify this model to see the names of all 3 customers in the tooltip.


      The article at http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/format-tooltips seems to be along the lines of what I am looking to do. The main difference is that I want to display multiple customers on the same tooltip. Unfortunately I am having trouble getting it to do what I want to do. Using the Rep D example mention above I want the tooltip in Chicago on Day 1 to look like this:


      Day: 10/1/2012

      Customer X        Chicago, IL           Reason For Visit: SAP Go-Live Support  

      Customer Y       Chicago, IL           Reason For Visit: SAP Go-Live Support  

      Customer Z        Chicago, IL           Reason For Visit: SAP Go-Live Support  


      I would prefer to keep it where the circle size represents the number of customers visited, but if I have to change this to make it work then that is fine.


      This is an executive level dashboard, so while I do realize that you can see the individual customers being visited by viewing the underlying data, I really would prefer to avoid these additional drill down steps if needed. Thank you in advance for your help!