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    pdf fit to page

    Matt Stoffa

      I have created a dashboard with ...


      1 title (variable based on the global filter)

      1 chart

      1 table


      These are all set to "Entire View" in the dashboard.


      I want to print to a pdf ... but I want the pdf to take up EXACTLY one page and scale the size of the report appropriately so that it takes up the ENTIRE page.


      If I modify the 'Size' in the 'Dashboard' Window, there are a few options under 'Print Scaling'



      If I choose 'Fit to no more than 1 page across and 1 page down' ... this prints on one page but shrinks my report.  It DOES NOT take up the entire page.


      'Automatic' does pretty much the same thing, and 'Scale to ' also doesn't seem to work.


      How do I force the resulting pdf to take up one entire page?





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