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    Date Filter Across 2 Data Sources

    David Martin

      Hey All -


      I have 2 different data sources, both with same date ranges and would like to create 1 Date Filter on the dashboard.  Can someone walk me through the steps?


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          Jason Scarlett

          You can try creating two parameters. One as a "min date" and the other as a "max date". Then create a calculation comparing the date of interest to see if it is within the the min/max date parameters. Since the parameters are global a calculation can be used against multiple data sources.


          I often make the resulting calculation either a "show" (when within the range) or a "hide" (when outside the range)... I then add that calculation as a filter and select only the value of "show".




          ps. I have a similar question regarding the same thing but applied to a data blend ... maybe I need to take my own advice on using parameters!!! http://community.tableau.com/thread/120280