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    Cleveland's Question from Newbie Group

    Shawn Wallwork

      For some reason the Newbie group is set up so we are not granted permission to attach workbook, paste images, etc. So to answer his question I'm posting here in the map forum.


      Cleveland, I throw together the attached file. It shows all the hospitals (exact locations, not just center of zips) colored by ownership. I got the lat/longs from this batch lat/long finder: http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/batch-geocode/#.UEGTrtaPXEU works pretty good, and the output pastes into Excel very cleanly (except the header which is easy to fix). Here's the map:


      Alabama Hospitals.PNG


      I'm attaching the Excel file sheet 1 has the lat/longs added to your data. Sheet 2 is the output of the batch converter. Let me know here if you have any other questions. So I'll be able to post files in answer. Hope this helps get you going.



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          Cleveland Sasser


          So the "file transfer" was off (I'm not crazy!).


          Let me list the steps as I see them-

               1. Copy/key in addresses to Batch Geo-code Input, select options....

               2. Take Batch Geo-code results (addresses with lat/long) move to Excel sheet with address

               3. Run Tableau with Longitude in Columns and latitude in Rows (twice)  and with Marks (Latitude) being "filled map" and color = state and Marks (latitude 2) being "automatic" with "level of detail"= Hospital name, city, etc., and "color" being hospital ownership.


          Did I catch it all?

          I've got to break for chores but will run my own by lunch and let you know what happened.


          Thank you again for your help. This question is answered!


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            Shawn Wallwork

            Cleveland, seems as if you got all the steps. I created the dual axis just so you'd see how it was done. I think it would be better if you used that second axis for maybe counties, and then added some population or income or other relevant data. I'm not sure what questions you're trying to answer with this viz, so I couldn't get much farther. But the take-away should be Tableau can let you display a lot of different information on maps in a lot of different ways.



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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Shawn and Cleveland,


              I just wanted to let you know--currently, the way it is set up, to add a file to a group posting--it is uploaded using the link on the main page of the group (not the actual post).


              add post.png



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                Shawn Wallwork

                Thanks, good to know.