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    London-based BI consultant and Tableau developer

    Robin Kennedy

      I’m looking for more clients in the London or Surrey area who want to make the most out of Tableau and maximise their BI offering.


      • I can set up Tableau dashboards and create really vivid data visualisations that engage and enlighten your audience
      • I can help you configure your data warehouse so that relevant, cleansed data extracts are easily and readily available
      • I can help you determine what metrics you should be measuring according to your business strategy and/or performance contracts


      Get in touch by replying here or send me an email via my profile and I can send you some examples of my work and my CV.



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          Good to meet you. I'd be interested in learning more about your capabilities.  Specifically, I'm looking to map the migration of sales over a geography within a time frame.  That is, I have data for sales by customer, including their address, and I'd like to create a dynamic map that shows, over time, there the sales were made.  The goal is to see any trend in where the sales have been generated over time (if the same communities have been purchasing, or if the sales people have had to move from community to community to continue to sell).  Please let me know if this is possible via Tableau and, if so, your background.  Also, feel free to reach me directly at aramos (at) topspinlbo.com


          Thanks for your time.





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            Robin Kennedy

            Hi Austin,


            Thanks for your message. On the face of it, your requirement sounds very possible in Tableau and there are a couple of options I can think of to visualise that information and best way will depend on the sensitivity of your dimensions


            Tableau's inbuilt geocoding should be able to generate a map for your customer addresses, and providing your data is in the right format, you can aggregate into state/county/zip, and then colour code or create sized dots for the total sale amounts. With maps, the time dimension best comes into play using 'Pages' and you will be able to flick through the days/weeks/months (or whatever granularity you are interested in) and see how the map colours or dots change through animation.


            However, using a map like this might not show up the subtle differences you want to see if sales are moving slowly from one area to the next and a more traditional approach using time-series bar charts or trend lines might be better in showing these differences between regions. Perhaps a combination of the map and the charts in an interactive dashboard is an ideal solution.


            My background is in data analysis, but not in any one particular industry. I have worked with CRM data, Health insurance data, IT/server generated data, financial data and others.