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    IF calculation with AND

    Stephen Davie

      Apologies if this is a really simple question but I am new to calculated fields and don't quite understand the syntax yet.


      What I am wanting to do is assign certain percentages a colour:

      0-69.9% = Red

      70-84.9% = Amber

      85% + = Green


      I have created a simple calculated field with 2 values and got this working fine, but when I have tried 3 values I have got stuck. My formula at the moment is:

      IF SUM([Positive Outcomes (PO)]) < 0.7 THEN


      ELSEIF SUM([Positive Outcomes (PO)]) > 0.7 AND < 0.85 THEN






      The issue is with the "AND", but I don't know how else I could do this?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.