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    Auto Group, Top 10 + 'Rest' for a Pie

    Nathan Schofield



      I want to be able to have a calculation(?) or something automatic that will keep the Top 10 and group 'Rest'. The reason I need 'Rest' is to put the data in a pie.


      I have used the filter to select Top 10, but this of course does not keep the 'Rest', which I need for the Pie.

      I want to do this automatically as I will be refreshing this workbook with a new set of data each week and want to streamline the process.


      Attached is an example workbook. To explain the tabs:


      • Data: - an example of what the raw data looks like
      • Manual Top 10 Pie using Group - an example of how I achieved what I wanted [manually] grouping the data
      • Data to auto group for pie - this is the data behind the pie that I want to display, ready for you to play with...


      One step even better would be to have a parameter that had a slider with Top X. If you're solution is tricky, please show me how to include this.