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    Using custom geocoding with shapefiles

    Chris Koehn

      So first of all, thank you Joe Mako for the brilliant video outlining how to create and import custom shape files seen here: http://joemako.tumblr.com/post/3289363623/preprocess-shapefile-for-tableau-tutorial-video


      I now have the problem of trying to create a dual axis map, with custom geocoding for Belgian post codes.  I'm probably 80% there but I cannot seem to get the blend to work so that I can plot post code points on top of the shape files and then start adding measures. 


      The idea from the attached would be to make it a dual axis map, and then drop the # Orders on the size shelf.  When I do this however all points field the same SUM of orders, it doesn't break down by postal code.


      Any ideas?