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    Sorting by Date

    Dhaval Thakkar


      I have a data base in this format:


      actual data.jpg


      On pulling this data into tableau, I am getting the following output:

      Current Output.jpg

      I want:

      -the W and P values to appear on each row (even if they are same)

      -the dates to appear in 11/07/2012 format

      -sort the chart by dates


      In other words, the ouput should appear same as the input.

      Please help.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Dhaval,


          To get the line on every row, the following post should be able to help you:




          To get the date to appear in the desired format, right click on one of the dates in the view and select Format... To the left, a format dialog box will appear, click on the drop down menu next to Dates and select the desired output.


          Finally, to sort the chart by date, right click on the DealID pill and select Sort... By field-->Completion Date-->Min or Max.


          Hope this helps!