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    Linking Data across two sources

    Manish Baheti

      I have two data tables:


      A) Fields (Item Name, Brand Name, Avg. Sales, Avg. Inventory, DOH etc.) -- About 500 line items (each lineis unique with Item Name as identifier)


      B) Fields (Item Name, Period, Forecast ($), Forecast (#)) --- About 6000 line items (each line is unique with a combination of Item Name + Period There are 12 periods (Jan-Dec) for each Item Name)


      Task: I would like to calculate a field of "Target" by using Item Name, Period, Forecast (#) from Table B and multiplying forecast by DOH (from Table A) to display that as bar chart subsequently using roll up options from Table A fields (Brand, Category etc.)


      However, I am unable to link the two tables in Tableau.


      Let me know if there is any way around this.