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    Invalid option --pagesize while exporting to PDF using tabcmd

    Gabriel Gejman

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to export to PDF a workbook with 2 tabs that are very long. When I use the export to PDF option on the toolbar in the view I can get it correctly printed using Paper Size=letter and Content:Sheets in Workbook, resulting in 2 pages for the first tab and 5 pages for the second.

      I want to do the same using tabcmd and saw that the export command has a pagesize parameter here:



      The problem is that when I try to add that parameter I get an *** Invalid option "--pagesize"given. error. Without this option the exported PDF prints the workbook using one file per tab (a looong page for the first one and only a portion of the second one).


      This is the command I'm using: tabcmd export -t SiteName "WorkbookName/ViewName" --pdf --pagesize letter -f "C:\Users\test4"

      I'm working with Tableau 7.0.1 (no time to do monthly upgrades, please give us a patch!)


      How should I use this parameter? Is there any way to get the same behavior that I get using the toolbar?