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    Parameter-driven maps dashboard filters disappearing

    Kevin Andrist

      The question relates to the having multiple layout containers on a dashboard with views selcted via a parameter.


      Ref links:







      I've developed a from-to network map and assembled a single-map display dashboard with the year driven by a parameter(similar in concept to the links above).  The map has extensive filtering available to allow one to select distribution pathways of various origin, product, destination pathways.


      See images attached.  Forgive the blue sections blocking out the filter contents, this is proprietary info & I can't display it.


      When I select year 2011 via the parameter "Pick Year" (the 2011 map drives what filers are displayed, all filters are global, with the data from both network map years in one datasource), the filters display as expected. 


      When I select 2012 I (randomly?) lose the filter contents on several filters.  Note the white space under Cust Type, Dest Country, & Shipping Condition should have filterable content in them & did when year 2011 was selected.


      Why is that? How can I correct it?


      The filters should remain the same and intact regardless of what year is viewed.  As in this example: http://www.alansmitheepresents.org/2011/03/changing-viz-types-with-dashboard.html


      What am I missing?