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    How do I display the last refresh date in my report ?

    Pratima Prabhu

      In the tableau report that I have, I need to display the date when the last refresh was done. Please let me know hwo to do that.



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          Mark Holtz

          One way we commonly do that is to add a field to the underlying data (we generally use a SQL Server connection) with a GETDATE function. We generally label it as "SQLRunTime"


          Then, you can create a calculated field to give the MAX(SQLRunTime).


          A less precise way would be to just create a calculated field of MAX(xxxx) for any date field in your data.

          You can at least give the most recent value to appear in the data, so if it is refreshed on a periodic frequency, you should be able to discern the last run time...

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            Pratima Prabhu

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for your response. I can use your solution only if I am inserting data into table and report is off that data. For the report, I am doing only select from few tables and the refresh happens daily or weekly , so the user wants to know what was the last time the refresh happened. How do we access tableau's catalog tables or metadata ?



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              Mark Holtz

              Not sure I understand your issue now. You said you are doing a "select" from tables daily or weekly.

              I'm not very familiar with datasources other than SQL Server, but most support a getdate function.


              Instead of doing just a full table (SELECT *) select in your Tableau extract, all you need to do is switch it to custom SQL and add a field in the SELECT statement to give a GETDATE timestamp.


              So as an example, if I was doing

              SELECT *

              FROM TableName with 3 columns,

              then instead I would make it custom SQL as:

              SELECT Field1, Field2, Field3, GETDATE() AS SQLRunTime

              FROM TableName


              Now the timestamp is in the underlying data.

              Does that not work for you?

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                Andrew Watson

                There's a field called Data Update Time you can add somewhere to your dashboard, probably to your title, if your data source is an extract. I've written this up as part of a different post on my blog at this link: http://reports4u.co.uk/using-tooltips-to-show-help-on-a-dashboard/


                Hope that helps


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                  Amy Song

                  Hi Andrew,

                  I use Data Update Time in most of my dashboards, but for a lot of them I feel the time is extraneous info. Is there a way to only show the date (mm/dd/yyyy)?  Thanks!

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                    Frank Forestell

                    Unfortunately, you can't do that yet. Perhaps Tableau would make it so that these attributes are available when creating calculated fields. Often, we will have a parameters data source in tandem with our normal data source to include items such as the refresh date. Then we just include this on a worksheet, etc., etc.



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                      Bruce Segal



                      You can add the date and time of the last refresh by editing the Title section of a worksheet. See the attached .jpg which shows you both what buttons to push and what it looks like in the title. You'll see my convention is to make the text a little smaller and use a lighter color for it so it's there if someone wants to see it, but it doesn't distract. (my attempt at applying some Edward Tufte logic.)


                      Some important notes.

                      1. You have to click the button I circled in red. Then you'll see a long list of choices of things you can drop in the title including the last refresh date.


                      1.1: I haven't found a way to get it to display just the date, HH:MM with out the :SS field. I find the later distracting in most instances. Perhaps someone else can tell us if there's a way to format the time display.


                      1.2: It will display the local time that you last refreshed the data. E.g. if you have an extract on your desktop, that sites in the EDT zone, and are connected to a dbase that sits in the PDT zone, and time stamps data using the UTC (Universal time Code - Greenwich Mean time), this field will display the refresh date and time on your local computer. When I publish the workbook to our tableau server instance that sits in the PDT, the field displays the field in PDT.


                      1.3: Make sure that you describe the info to make it clear to people that it represents the time the data was last updated from the data source, and not that it represents the most recent data in the data set. E.g. I update my data set every morning at 9a EDT, but the data in the dbase is never more recent than about 11p the day before.


                      2. I haven't found a way to get this information to show in the Title section of a Dashboard. In many instances I'd prefer to be able to do that. So I end up putting it in the Title of a worksheet.

                      3. This is how you can add dynamic info to your titles from filters. So if you want to have the tile include the name of what you're including in a filter you put that dimension field in the title here.

                      3.1 If there's a dimension field that doesn't show in the list I mention in 1 above then sometimes you can add it to the Level of Detail and it will show up there.

                      4. I haven't figured out fully why some fields will show up in that list and others won't.



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                        Sara Lemme

                        Hi Amy,


                        I don't know if you are still working with this issue (considering this post is over three years old), but I did come up with a work around to only show the date portion of the date stamp.  It's pretty low tech - I created a worksheet with a white square as the object for a field with the header not shown (so it is a white box), then added that worksheet to the dashboard as a floating sheet, and placed it over the time portion of the date & time stamp.  So technically the time stamp is still there, but the end user can't see it because it is covered by the white worksheet.

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