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    I need advice on reports to entice people to use Tableau?

    Margi Neve

      I recently took over the Student Information Systems specialist position here at the district.  They have owned Tableau for a few years, but had so many issues with it that most people can't help but cringe when you say Tableau. Many of the original reports were not well written unfortunately and would take forever to run.  One of my goals is to generate new interest in what Tableau can do for K-12.   I have created  some VERY basic reports just to show people what Tableau looks like and how easy it is to tailor it to their data.


      What I would like to know from the group is :

      1. Are you using Infinite Campus for you student information system? If not what system are you using?
      2. What are the top three reports you have created that used most by the staff?
      3. What level of staff are using the reports (Admin only, Teachers, Directors, etc)?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!





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          Elaine Braun-Keller

          Hi Margi,

          We began using Tableau last winter. I've had the most luck with analysis of our state assessment test, our admins are learning to use it for analysis. Some of the math teachers understand immediately!  We are iPass users, but the SIS doesn't really matter, because you have to extract all the data anyway. Take a look at Aspire Public schools - schoolzilla for ideas.

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            Lynzi Ziegenhagen

            Hi Margi -- When we started using Tableau 3 1/2 years ago at Aspire, I went around the office asking people to show me the reports they created that were really time-consuming to either create or to distribute, and I offered to help. Usually it was something I could do in Tableau in a fraction of the time.


            We bought Tableau Server early on, so I made sure that some of our early wins were cases where people were creating one report for each principal (or even teacher). I showed them how they could create one report and make it work for all principals -- that blew people's mind and converted even reluctant folks to care about Tableau.


            Another strategy my team used was to identify a couple of people outside our team who did show interest and pay for the first year of their Tableau license and supported them as they learned about Tableau. It really helped to have the Director of HR (in our case) becoming an expert in Tableau alongside the folks on my team. 


            Good luck!



            (thanks for the shout out for Schoolzilla, Elaine!)

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              Cole Pacak

              Hi Margi,


              We started using Tableau this past summer in an attempt to upgrade from Excel. Our initial MAP report blew minds left and right. It consisted of showing grade-subject-school combinations by quartiles and the percentage of students meeting growth goals. The interactivity and creation of actions (clicking a chart element that updates a list of student names) was really powerful for our principals and teachers.


              Good luck!