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    Multiple selection filtering on a workbook with multiple datasources

    Nelson Bradley

      I have a workbook that uses multiple data sources one a imported from SQL to a Tableau data source, the other a SQL view with a live connection to display dynamically data for one section of data on the dashboard.


      Here is my problem:

      The requirement that I have would need to allow the user to filter on multiple selections in each seperate filter critiria box.


      The user is displayed several quick filter options on the screen. (I am using Quick Filter as an example since this what the user needs to see)

      They are Function with 7 selections in the filter, Region which also has seven selections in the filter and several others as directed by the requiements to include Position, Age, Gender and so on. As the user checks/unchecks multiple selections for each filter option in the dashboard, the dashboard should update for the multiple selections the user has made.


      What I have unsuccessfully tried :

      1. Quick Filters, which of course will filter one of the data sources but not both.
      2. I have created a parameter that does filter both data sources but doesn't allow multiple selection in the same filter. I checked the properties for the parameter after I dropped it on the dashboard and I was unable to change the properties to make it a multiple selection.

      I am looking for any suggestions on how to this would be possible in a Dashboard/Workbook.


      I will also be happy to attach the workbook and datasource information if anyone has any ideas.


      Thanks in advance.