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    Table Calculation

    Per Strid

      What if I want to build an "Excel looking" report and have a difference column over several measures?

      I don't get this. I can add several measures on separate rows and create a filter that keeps last two months. I can also add row totals.

      I want the difference between all my measures over the two months...


      Se my attached image (TableCalc.jpg).


      Best regards!


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Per,


          This can be done by right clicking on each of the measures that are on the view and selecting Quick Table Calculation-->Difference.


          However, to have the original values, another instance of each measure will also need to be placed on the measure values card.


          Hope this helps!



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            Per Strid

            Thanks Tracy!


            I built it that way first, but the "Excel People" want the numbers side by side...

            However I will make it this way and then add graphs so they will see the use of that, i hope.

            People are so used to tables and find it hard to see better ways.