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    Would it be possible to get count of weekdays between two dates

    Joe Mako

      I am thinking something similar to Excel's http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HP052091901033.aspx



      I suppose currently the best way is to reshape it from:



      Project ID, Start date of project, End date of project
       1, 10/01/2008, 3/01/2009





      Project ID, Date
       1, 10/01/2008
      1, 10/02/2008
      1, 10/03/2008
      1, 2/27/2009
      1, 2/28/2009
      1, 3/01/2009


      The downside is I just turned one row of data into more than a hundred. This can easily turn a few thousand rows into over a million rows.


      The upsides, I can create a calc field with my custom holidays to add the ability to filter out holidays, and get a count of active projects on each day.


      Are there any other options out there?