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    Modifying/Manipulating  Data


      i have a dimension that has data like:

      ABC 11.1 XC



      I want to cleanse the data and do some replacements:

      eg: for the 1st value i need to strip out AAA and AA to get 11.1 instead pf AAA 11.1 XC

      for the 2nd value i need the - replaced by . eg 1.0.3 instead of 1-0-3


      how can this be acheived in tableau. i tried to use replace function and it does not work.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Girija,


          Are both of these values in the same dimension?


          To get the first example, a calculated field can be created similar to the following:


          mid([Dimension], find([Dimension], "11.1"), 4)


          For the second example, the replace function can be used (however, note that it cannot be used with Microsoft JET--to get around this, create an extract).


          Hope this helps!