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    Allow user to control which hierarchy columns (dimensions) are visible

    John Liska

      I have a data set shows sales totals at multiple dimensions of a hierarchy. (See attached screen capture.) Currently I have the worksheet shows all 4 levels of the hierarchy, from A to D. These are dimensions and represent the 4 columns in the viz. However, once I put this worksheet in a dashboard I want the user to be able to manage how they view the hierarchy: they should be able to look at the totals at any of the 4 levels, and have the totals adjust accordingly. As the developer I can make it work perfectly in the worksheet: for example, I can click on the "hierlevelD" pill and select "Remove". All of the D levels are removed and the new totals (now at the C level) are updated appropriately.


      Can I use a parameter or some other control -- that the user has access to -- to add or remove these columns on the fly in a dashboard? There are two options that will work:

      1. A selection of depth. If the user select D they see levels A through D, f the user selects C they see levels A through C, etc.

      2. A checkbox control. The user can select or unselect any of the 4 levels.


      Option #2 isn't particular useful vs. option #1 but I could live with it. I'm hoping to avoid building this out as 4 worksheets (one for each level). Thanks in advance.