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    Live Currency Conversion Updates

      I have a stream of revenue from 7 different countries all in their own currencies.  I have created the basic calculated field in order to convert these different currencies all into USD for better comparison, but that requires me to manually edit the calc field and enter in the conversion factors.  Is there a way to automate this process by pulling data from a web page data source, like xe.com, so as the conversion factors update it is reflected in my data.  Someone asked a question similar to this about a year ago and the only response was to check out Tableau Server, I can have access to this but would like to understand what steps I can use to set this up.


      Thank you for any input or help.



      This is my calculated field for converting the different currencies into US dollars:


      IF [Country]="United Kingdom" THEN [2012 Revenue]*1.58 ELSEIF

      [Country]="Germany" THEN [2012 Revenue]*1.32  ....


      I want that (1.58) and the (1.32) to be able to pull from a live source so I wont need to go into my calculated field and edit them each time I view the data and want an accurate number.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Nate -


          Unless your conversion factors are already stored in a database somewhere and Tableau is connected "live" to that database, you're in a bit of a pickle.


          If you set some sort of automated system up to do this work for you outside of Tableau, all you'd need to do is multiply your revenue by the correct field, ala:


          IF [Country]="United Kingdom" THEN [2012 Revenue]* [UKConversion] ELSEIF

          [Country]="Germany" THEN [2012 Revenue]* [GermanyConversion] ....


          Tableau Server was probably suggested to you because it allows you to run a report but pass values INTO the report dynamically by way of something called a "Parameter". The values in question could be your conversion factors. You'd still need to go out and grab the values from the source of your choice, but then you could provide them to Tableau Server when you ask it to render a report, and they could be used like this:


          IF [Country]="United Kingdom" THEN [2012 Revenue]* [Parameters].[UKConversion] ELSEIF

          [Country]="Germany" THEN [2012 Revenue]* [Parameters].[GermanyConversion] ....


          You'd essentially have a URL which passes this info into Tableau Server. So if we wanted to run a Dashboard Named "Dashboard" inside a Workbook called "Workbook" stored on Tableau Server, you'd fire run this URL in your browser:




          Hope this puts things in context for you a little bit?

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            So can Tableau Server connect to a web page and pull that data in a table?

            Then I could use that data in my workbook and label them as my individual currency conversions.


            I am confused at what steps I need to take to be able to set up my conversion factors and not require me to actually go to xe.com and lookup the current conversions and type them in.


            Would it be easier then to have excel pull data live from a website and then connect that new data stream to my Tableau.  Is there an easier way to pull data live from a webpage using excel?


            thank you

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              Russell Christopher

              Sorry, I wasn't clear on that.


              Neither Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server can connect to a web page and pull data (conversion factors) - you'd need to come up with some mechanism to do that on your own.


              I've never tried the "Let Excel grab the data and then connect to Excel" approach, but it could work for you! As long as Tableau is connected to the workbook in question and that workbook is populated, we'll use the data we see there.

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                Harrison Delfino

                For this, I had  been using this and it's  great.