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    Double Click Zoom

    Shawn Wallwork

      It would be helpful if when you Hide Zoom Controls the dbl-click zoom feature was disabled as well. The primary reason to hide zoom controls is so maps stay locked to a particular zoom level, and untrained users can't get lost. But this is completely defeated by allowing dbl-click zoom. And untrained users don't necessarily know to click the undo button.


      BTW watching someone use your visualization can be very enlightening, especially if you stay quiet and just watch.

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          Joe Mako

          I agree with points Shawn, I too would like the ability to disable the double-click zoom.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Joe, glad you agree. Hopefully this will help move this up the features' wish-list.


            A corollary to this is the 'extra focus click'. I've attached a workbook where the bar chart and map on the right have mutual highlight action filters. Single-click a bar and the map zip code is highlighted. Then single-click a zip code on the map and the corresponding bar is highlighted. This is as it should be.


            The problem is when you want to clear the selection/highlight. If you single-click the white space in the pane that has the focus everything is fine. But if you single-click the white space in the pane that doesn't have the focus this first click is used (wasted) to change the focus. To the untrained user it seems as if nothing happened, so they start double clicking to clear the selection, and this leads them to double-clicking the map, which gets back to the original point of this topic.


            If nothing else I wish Tableau would be consistent. If a single-click triggers a highlight action no matter where the focus is, then a single click should also clear the highlight no matter where the focus is. Untrained users can quickly self-train as long as things are consistent.


            (Have I mentioned that we love the filled zip code maps!)



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              I would also like to express my full support for this feature.  We use the map feature with the purpose of the map being fixed, and want to make it extremely easy to use for all.  This means not enabling double-click zoom so that users do not get lost in the map.

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Ben if you want your vote to count go here and give it a +1.