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    Parameter used in Title showing up in View name when published to Server

    Tim Latendress

      One of our users created a dashboard called "Data Metrics" that displays a parameter value in the Title. Fairly common practice.  He then goes to publish the view to the server and in the list of views to publish sees "Data Metrics" as expected.  He selects it and publishes the dashboard to his project on the server. Looking in the Project on ther server, the view is showing up as "Data Metrics All" -- where "All" is the value selected in the parameter and being displayed in the title. Very, very strange. And it makes creating a navigation menu next to impossible.


      He has opened up a ticket with Tableau Support but in the meantime I thought of trying the Forums to see if anyone else has seen this behavior before.  He is using desktop 7.0.5 and our server is 7.0.3 (upgrading next week to 7.0.5).




      -- Tim