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    Small multiples over many individuals

      I'm interested in making a small multiples display in Tableau, but am new to the software and having trouble.


      I *love* that you can use various measures to create a small multiple for each measure. However, I'm having trouble repeating the small multiples for many individuals. In the first below image, you can create grids of small multiples so that you have a 4x4 grid -- one small multiple per city.




      However, in Tableau it only seems possible to have a long single-direction list of items so that only a 1x16-type small multiples is created. For instance, the below lists a number of states, but they are only horizontally arranged. Worse, if there are too many of them, I'd have to scroll to see more.



      Is there any way that I could view a number of these in say 4x4 blocks and perhaps use pages so that I could see 16 at a time?


      Thanks in advance for any help.