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    Percent Difference between two columns

    Gareth Jones

      Hi All

      I hope I can explain this nice and clear!


      Basically imagine a data set with many columns, among which there are 24 columns of data where each column contains 1 month of data.  Each row of this data set is a "customer" and the cell is their "sales" amount for the month.


      How do I go about calculating the percentage difference between two months without using a table calculation?  I have attempted to build a calculation such as:


      (([June 2012]-[June2011])/[June 2011])


      I am then dragging in another column (let's say State) as a way to filter my results in the table view, which should give me the percentage difference between June 2012 and June 2011 by state.  If I leave the calculated field as a SUM it's definnately not right, so I change to AVG and it's still totally off and not correct.


      Am I missing something here?