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    Simple forecast v actual - data blending

      I know this may sound like a neophyte question, but I am trying to simply blend two data sources.  Forecast from one, actual from the others.  I use date value as the defining relationship.  I pull 'calls offered' from one, the other i pull 'calls entered'.  They aren't linked specifically, but they are each others equivalent in each DB (one in excel, the other in access).  At this point all is good.  I then want to narrow down my data set.  I limit the primary one on calls offered, to line of business A, and i get the appropriate narrowing of volume.  However, when i then attempt to filter the second data set, to give me ony line of business A, although named differently, I get nothing.  The entire graph/table disappears.   The second data set, on its own, i'm able to filter, etc as needed, and all works as expected.