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    Slow extracts? Let me know.

    Francois Ajenstat

      Hi - I'm doing some performance work on our data engine and I'm looking for examples of slooooowwwww extracts. Either that the queries to the extract are slow or loading the extract is slow. If you have such a thing can you please send me an email - fajenstat at tableausoftware.com


      Thanks in advance,


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          Francois Ajenstat

          I'm still looking for examples of slow extracts or workbooks. If you have any good examples of workbooks, extracts, operations, etc. that you consider particularly slow than please send me email. thanks in advance. F.

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            Ian Waring

            I've sent in two files that are both as slow as molasses and further, fail to create an extract.


            I seem to have a bug where I haven't been able to generate a working extract for 2 weeks now. Started when my Excel got upgraded by my Internal systems people to Excel 2010. Then when I followed the advice to install the 2010 AccessEngine followed by its service pack, it can no longer generate Excel extracts using Custom SQL; import process prompts for a sheet, then the back end of the process says it can't find a sheet of that name.


            Doing a Windows update this morning appears to have played in a SP2 and SP3 fix to the Data Connection drivers for Access/Excel, and now even a straight single table extract doesn't work. So, something's really broken, and i'm weeks late handing work in and trying like mad to not have to tell anyone that Tableau's extract process is totally broken. I will have to cancel going to Cloudforce tomorrow at this rate :-(


            Example files sent on cases #00105336 (where i'm told my query was too complex for the JET engine - merge of three sheets in the same Excel 2010 sheet) and  #00108263 (where even a single sheet can't be used to create an extract). I'd welcome anyone at Tableau saying they can create an extract successfully from either of the two files submitted...


            Another file that used to work no longer does - but that's over and above the examples provided.

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              Ian Waring

              ps: the one really important sheet I have gives up after 3 minutes of opening the Excel file, before any list of sheets is given - with:


              Database error 0x80004005: The Microsoft Office Access database engine cannot open or write to the file ''. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view and write its data.


              Even if I have the file sitting locally on my own PC, or on a shared drive - and both of which I can open/save in Excel without problems.


              Tableau seriously broken here :-(. Happy to share the file with any Tableau employee.

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                Francois Ajenstat

                Thanks for sending this in Ian. I will look into these cases. Jet can be quite painful sometimes. You are in good hands with Support on this case but I want to try to make this kind of 'pain' to go away in future releases.

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                  Ian Waring

                  Secure file transfer says -

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                    Francois Ajenstat

                    I'm not very 'secure' apparently...

                    Feel free to send it via email directly but i was going to ask for a copy from Support. It's in a secure vault right now.

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                      Ian Waring

                      Sent again to usteam and asked them to forward. Too big a file to email methinks!