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    Quick Filters:  For Source & Destination Filter Need to Have List Always Select One

    Eric Frishman

      This may be an easy question, but it is a bit perplexing to me at the moment.  I have a dashboard which references a sheet with Source and Destination filters.  The dashboard appropriately functions so that it provides a call to the sheet with a singular source and destination.  However, I would also like to use the sheet as its own dashboard.


      Because the underlying data of the sheet is 5m+ rows if all of the source and destinations read "any", I would like the quick filters to require only one possible selection (one for source & one for destination).  However, I am finding that even with "remove any" turned off, the any selection sometimes is populated into the source and destination filters.


      1)  Is it possible to have the quick filters be NULL SET when nothing is chosen?

      2)  Is it possible to set a default value until an operator puts in the values he wants to use?

      3)  Is it possible to have the data query run only after both the source and destination fields have been completed?


      Thanks in advance!