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    QT: Help Button Tool Tip

    Shawn Wallwork

      NOTE: If you are using 7.0.5 or later, the icons will disappear on the dashboard, even though they display fine in the worksheet. I just got a reply from Tech Support with a workaround: Create a calculated field that only contains "" then place this on both the row and column shelf, then uncheck 'Show Header'. That's it, now the icons will display correctly.



      Here's a Quick Tip for newcomers...


      QT Help-1.PNG

      You can easily create a bit of a help system on a dashboard that uses tooltips to display information:

      QT Help-2.PNG QT Help-3.PNG

      Images don't currently have tooltips associated with them, so you can't just drop the help button image on the dashboard. Instead you'll need to create a worksheet that displays the image. You can't just drop an image on a worksheet like you can on the dashboard. So how do you display it? If you look closely you'll see the trick. We can display images by using custom shapes. Here are the steps:


      QT Help-4.PNG QT Help-5.PNG

         QT Help-12.PNG


        QT Help-7.PNG QT Help-8.PNG

      QT Help-11.PNG

        QT Help-10.PNG

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