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    Need to connect apache hadoop-hive to tableau

      Hi all,

      Installation Details :

      1) Apache Hadoop ->in VM Ware(windows xp)

      2) Apache Hive-0.8.1------------------------------->in VM Ware(windows xp)

      3) Tableau 7.0 trail version(both desktop and server)---------------------------------------->in windows xp

      4) ClouderaHiveODBCSetup_v1_10.exe------>in windows xp


      all the above things installed properly.


      Hive having loaded text data  in table. In hive console, I can see the data using "select * from table"  (what I loaded from text file into table);

      I created /user/hive/warehouse within hadoop hdfs. When I tried to connect hive and tableau ,It's not showing error in jdbc driver.

      But it's showing connecting to datasource......when i tried to connect mysql, It's connecting.


      If anything I missed or I need to configure. anything.......please help me.........