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    agile burndown chart from Jira data source

      I am wondering if there are possibilities to construct in Tableau a standard Agile Burndown Chart from Jira data source -e.g. the graph of changing product backlog size over iterations. Any clues/suggestion how this can be done? The graph should account for the number of backlog items "burned" (implemented) during the iterations, as well as dropped and added


      Thank you!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Dmitry, the short answer to your question is: yes. Producing the chart in Tableau is easy. The more important, and trickier part is setting up your data correctly, realistically. Here's a LINK to a tutorial on setting up the data in Excel to produce something like this:



          In Tableau you can make it quite a bit better looking, with not much trouble. As to the dropped and added items, it depends on how you want to show these: a third line? or calculated into the actual line? or bar chart on a dual axis behind the lines. None of this is that difficult, once you have the data set up.


          Provide some data, and I'm sure someone here will throw a burn down chart together for you.



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            Thanks a lot!


            I realized that my question was rather silly: of course it should be possible to display burndown-like chart in Tableau - provided there is adequate data available. This is where my problem is. We are using Jira with Greenhopper - which of course have their own reporting including burndown charts. The problem is that our management wants to see all reporting consolidated on Tableau server. That is why I am seeking a possibility to recreate "burndown-like" report in Tableau from Jira data source. The challenge that I see with this is that it might require quite non-trivial aggregation which may not be possible with Tableau. Will try to research...


            Thanks a lot for your help! It made me move in the right direction

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Dmitry, allow me to suggest you re-post your question with different phrasing: consider adding both 'Jira' and 'Greenhopper' in your question. I suspect this will attract more relevant answers to your issue. (And please un-check the 'correct answer' for my previous response; it really wasn't. Leaving this question as unanswered will encourage others to respond.)


              Sorry if I accidentally hi-jacked your Q.



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                Erik Seidel

                Hi Dimitry,


                check that one, maybe it hepls further...