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    Help with creating a throughput report based on dates

    Matt Francis

      Hi all,


      I've got a data table which contains a number of dates when a particular process occured. Each row of the table represents one datafile produced by our pipeline. Each row has serveral columns containing the dates of a lab process. I want to produce a stacked bar for each row, split into the number of hours, per process.


      The data would look something like


      readname     scanned_in     loaded     run_complete     QC_pending     QC_Complete

      file1               9:03               10:33     12:00                    15:30               17:00                                                                                                  

      file2               11:33               12:33     14:00                    15:30               16:00


      I create a calulated field for the datediff between each step so then i have the number of hours between each step.

      I then want to create a stacked bar chart, one for each file so that it would have 4 segments, each corresponding to the time between each step and the total height/length would be the total turn around time for the whole process, ie scanned_in to QC_complete.


      I know the answer is simple but i think i have been staring at it too long and am having a complete brain fade so any help would be appreciated.