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    Comparing WTD to Prior WTD through Same Day


      I need help with trying to figure out this calculation.  I need to compare week to date activity to prior week but through the same day.


      For example, my week starts on Monday, so through today I want to compare my sales from Monday through yesterday, Wednesday.  At the same time, I need something that captures last Monday through Wednesday sales as well to compare.


      This is what my formula looks like now:


      if(datepart('week',Today()-1)+1)= [Business Week] Then "Week to Date"

      elseif(datepart('week',Today()-8)+1) = ([Business Week])

      and datename('weekday',Today()-1) = datename('weekday',[Calendar Date] )

      Then "Prior Week"

      Else "Ignore"



      This formula only captures yesterday 'Wednesday' as Prior week.  How can I tweak this to include Monday through Wednesday of last week?