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    Excel saved as HTM on (web based) server not showing when published





      I have a dashboard with a url page part that links to a htm



      The HTM file was an excel file saved as a web page on our shared



      The file shows fine in the desktop dashboard (and also fine when
      opening in a browser directly from the file) but when the dashboard is
      published the file does not show and the page part is blank/white - not even an



      The url part in tableau works when linking to any other web page
      after publishing but not the excel htm page on our local server.



      The server is web enabled and is the location where all our tableau
      data is located. The data on the server is accessed fine by tableau when running
      as normal.



      Has anyone else had this issue with an excel saved as htm or any
      tips on how to save the htm file so that tableau server can see and publish the