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    Student Edition 7.0.3?

      About a month ago, I purchased the Student Edition of Tableau Desktop 7.0 through JourneyEd.


      Is there any plan to update the versions available at the following URL with the latest releases?  I've been informed that there is a fix that I'm very interested in having, but this page only contains version 7.0.



      Or is there is another way I should be getting the updates?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Stephen,


          To get the most recent versions of the Student Edition you'll have to contact JourneyEd directly.



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            Neil Carlson

            We are committed to full compliance with licensing terms and integrity in our dealings with Tableau and all vendors. We are using the Student Edition in coordination with full license versions of Desktop and Desktop Pro for staff, and the confusion about updating Student Edition smoothly is a potential liability.


            Would you all please consider releasing Student Edition updates simultaneously through Tableau? Or perhaps releasing a single executable that will configure itself to base its functionality on the privileges of the current user's license key?


            We have some machines that are used both by staff and students depending on schedule and availability. How can we update Tableau 7.x for staff and student users separately? How do we ensure a given named user is accessing only functionality for which we have licensed that user?


            If this is a JourneyEd issue solely, fine, we'll deal with them. But what do we need to do to ensure staff can save workbooks that students can open without errors?