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    Display Data for two date ranges in one table

    Faryal Ali



      I want to display data for two date ranges based on single filter. The user can select a date range based on date filed of data. I want to display data for previous equivalent range in another column as well.

      For Example , if user selects Jan 7,2012 - Jan 14, 2012 , I need sum of the data in this range in one column and the sum of data from Dec 12,2011 - Jan 6, 2012 in another.

      The output should be like

      Measure Current Previous

      Amount     12     6


      where current is the sum of current range and previous is the sum of previous range.

      How can it be done in Tableau 7.0?

      Note: I am exporting data from Excel with a column named Date.

      Thanks in advance.