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    Reduce packaged workbook file size



      I have a .twb file that is 343 mb and after saving it as a packaged workbook it increases to 1518 mb, which is not mailable obviously! Please let me know how to reduce the file size of the packaged workbook so that it reduces to 20 mb at the most.


      I have already tried the following options :

      1) Importing only the required data

      2) Aggregating the data to the required granularity (in my case monthly) (Extract Data option)

      3) Hiding unused fields. (Extract Data option)

      4) Optimizing the extract (Extract - > Optimize option)


      Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to reduce the file size.


      Thanks in Advance



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          It is strange that your .twb file is that large, as it doesn't contain data. Do you have any images on dashboards, etc.?

          As for the packaged file, if you have to include the amount of data that even after aggregation contains millions of rows, than there is not much you can do, except reducing the data i.e. 1 year instead of 5 years, etc.